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Future Titles
This page is dedicated to the titles Selena currently has in development.
These first two titles are part of the Dragon Diaries universe.
The tale of Earth's survivors as they struggle against the oppressive Aries Empire and their twisted agenda to concur not just the solar system, but the power of the sun.
The final arc of the Dragon Diaries saga, which pits the survivors of Mars, now safely settled on Bedeb, against the Dragon Keepers of Ithnez.
The history of the AEON Agency's most dangerous assassin: Sin
Born a being of impossible heritage, Lucas Apollyon Sunnister has been hunted his entire life. After narrowly escaping one attempt on his life, he awakens to find himself a prisoner in a new and far more dangerous world. Sold as a slave to a demonic guild of elite mercenaries and assassins, Luke quickly finds himself at home amid the violence. That is until a rival frames him for the murder of the guild master