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Selena IR Drake
Selena Inali Raynelif Drake (born May 17, 1986 in Minot, North Dakota) is an American author best known for her paranormal mystery series, The AEON Files, which consists of the books The Archfiend Artifact, The Lycan Pharaoh, The Lullaby Shriek, The Bone Prophet, and many more still to come. She lives in Minot, North Dakota, where she continues to work on more novels.  
Life and Career  
Drake was born and raised in Minot, North Dakota. Her family members include her parents, David and Cathy, and elder brother, Nick. She picked up writing at age eight, and never stopped. In 2004, she gradutated from Magic City Campus high school, where she would frequently get in trouble for "writing too much" in class. 
But it was during her high school career that she started working on what would later become the Dragon Diaries saga. After graduating, Drake stopped working on her writing projects in order to attempt a career as an auto mechanic. She picked them up again in 2007 and officially founded Inkslinger Books that same year.  
The first novel of the Dragon Diaries saga, Ascension was published by Inkslinger Books late in 2009. The sequel, Culmination, was published in the autumn of 2010. She immediately began working on the next book in the saga, Memorandum, but had to stop in 2011, when the Mouse River flooded the town of Minot. The tragedy inspired the poem "Mouse" and forced Drake to relocate to Fargo, North Dakota.  
Her time in Fargo was wrought with one personal tragedy after another, and it wasn't until October of 2013 that Drake started writing again. This time, however, she worked on a brand new series titled The AEON Files. In 2015, Drake returned to painting, kicking off the small custom art business called Blue Muse. Thus, Inkslinger Books evolved into the Drake Books & Media of today. 
She finally moved back to Minot in the summer of 2016, and has battled with depression and other mental health problems since. She worked up to writing a non-fiction book to help aspiring authors titled How To Author, which was published in February of 2018 and immediately won Bestseller status, topping the Amazon charts at #13. Later that same year, Drake started the series of short stories titled WEIRD Chronicles based in the same universe as The AEON Files, publishing the first story in Z Publishing's Emerging Authors 2018 (Horror Edition). 
In June of 2019, Drake and her father began working on leathercrafting and woodworking projects, starting the small business known as Hidden Talent Designs. Drake quickly adopted Hidden Talent into Drake Books & Media's fold. Finally, at the end of October, she re-published the first book of The AEON Files under its new name, The Archfiend Artifact.  
Now the fifth book, The Sovereign Flame, is to be published on April 21, 2021.
Photo by Robert Berry of Through My Lens  
"I'm Selena. I write about psychic teenage sleuths and bio-engineered dragons. I love thunderstorms, watching anime, and the Oxford Comma. I'm short and have green eyes. Everything else changes without notice." 
Dragon Diaries: 
Ascension (2009) 
Culmination (2010) 
Return of the Dragon Keepers (2011) 
The AEON Files: 
The Archfiend Artifact (2013, 2019) 
The Lycan Pharaoh (2014) 
The Lullaby Shriek (2015) 
The Bone Prophet (2016) 
The Sovereign Flame (2021)
WEIRD Chronicles: 
Episode One (2018) 
"Mouse" (Minot Daily News, 2011) 
How To Author (2018) 
The Lie (Thrice Fiction Magazine, September 2018) 
"Pirate's Bane" (Emerging Poets, Midwest Edition 2018)